How to avoid sabotaging your career

Coming in the office late is most certainly a way to undermine your climb up the corporate ladder of success, but what about some of the not so obvious ways you could be stunting your career growth or earning potential? Andy Thomas, career and life coach of Andy Thomas Careers Now, is based in Charlotte, and has 190 clients nationwide. He shared six ways you might be undermining your success. (1) You don’t toot your own horn It’s okay to talk about your accomplishments, just as long as you have the right intention. Managers are busy and they may miss what you

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Make Your Place Look Great with a Designer’s Touch

Whether you’re moving in to a new apartment or just want to give your current one a revamp, you can manage decorating with ideas from Beth Barden of design POST interiors. Find her “mini-blogs” on Instagram, plus her design insight via Instastories. Take these 6 steps to spiff up your place: (1) Get the prep work done Prep is the first step in the home makeover, allowing you see what you have, what you need and where you want to go with the space moving forward. Once that’s done Barden suggests assessing your place by taking measurements of the room. With existing pieces,

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Learn to negotiate your salary like a boss, plus job interview tips

Supposedly the hard part is over — you got the job. You have gone through a myriad of interviews, sold your skills like the best car salesman on the lot and asked questions, (because you must have a question or two) but now you are stumped on the numbers, the moolah, the salary. The good part is that you are thinking about it. According to the 2017 Job Seeker Nation Study conducted by Jobvite, a software and recruiting company, only 29 percent of job seekers negotiated their salary at their current or most recent job. The study went on to note that confidence

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Giftology: a Snapshot of Shopping Channels Over Time

This graph shows how the way we shop has changed over the years, from 2013 to 2017, through in-store, PC, tablet and mobile channels. Where do you stack up? I am a mix of in-store (I like to try things on!) and PC (soooo convenient!).

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