Out the Box featuring Laurie Louis, Owner of Laurie Louis Designs

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The Gift:  Laurie Louis is the owner of Laurie Louis Designs, a southern-inspired social stationery and gifts company based in Indian Land, SC. I had the chance to meet Laurie

Festive Cocktails For The Holidays

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Omni Hotels & Resorts created their seasonal drink menu around the holiday song “Twelve Days of Christmas.”  At one of their luxurious hotel and resort locations, you will be able to sip on a “partridge in a pear

How to avoid sabotaging your career

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Coming in the office late is most certainly a way to undermine your climb up the corporate ladder of success, but what about some of the not so obvious ways you could be stunting your career growth or

Make Your Place Look Great with a Designer’s Touch

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Whether you’re moving in to a new apartment or just want to give your current one a revamp, you can manage decorating with ideas from Beth Barden of design POST interiors.


Learn to negotiate your salary like a boss, plus job interview tips

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Supposedly the hard part is over — you got the job. You have gone through a myriad of interviews, sold your skills like the best car salesman on the lot and asked questions, (because you must have a question or

Giftology: a Snapshot of Shopping Channels Over Time

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This graph shows how the way we shop has changed over the years, from 2013 to 2017, through in-store, PC, tablet and mobile channels. Where do you stack up? I am a mix of in-store (I like to

Do You Need a Life Coach?

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Life coaches are professionals who help you reach a goal or make a change in your life. Some of these changes could range from taking the leap from a 9-5 job to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, assistance in

Tips for Creative Female Entrepreneurs from Rachel Sheerin

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Rachel Sheerin, a self-proclaimed type-A personality, had worked non-stop for others with work, family and more for as long as she could remember. After her relationships and health began to deteriorate, Sheerin, who lives in Charlotte, decided something had

Cook Like a Pro: Terrace’s Ralph Meranto Shows You How to Make Apple Pork Tenderloin

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Perhaps you love trying new dishes or maybe you could get to know your way around the kitchen a little better.

Whether you love trying out new recipes or need a little help in the kitchen, it’s always good

Experience: Girls Night Out with Limo Charlotte

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Sometimes you just need to gather the girls and go! With all of the daily stresses of life, there’s nothing that puts a pep in your step like being able to spend time with your squad at