Neilsen, a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers watch and buy, found that smartphone users accessed 26.7 apps per month on average, and spent 37 hours and 28 minutes per month using apps.

Knowing this information, we thought it would be a fun idea to plan a date—solely using apps. Love app-tually? Here’s how this new-ish technology could help you plan the perfect date.

Step 1: What to do. Where to go.

Whether your date prefers a casual Charlotte Knights baseball game, checking out the live music scene in the city or something in between, Charlotte events and entertaining app Go Carolinas delivers all these types of events right to your phone. It’s up to you to narrow down your choices.

Are you pondering a classic dinner date? Try the Yelp app, which uses reviews by real people to help you find the best cuisine and date-friendly restaurants in the Queen City.

Step 2: How will you get there?

Arrange for a car service through local company A Step Above, which allows you to choose from a variety of vehicles, anything from Cadillacs to limos, through their app. Another option is Lyft or Uber.

Step 3: Date prep.

Depending on what you decide for your date night activity, you may want to study up on a few things to make a good first impression.

For example, if you decide to do a wine tasting, try Hello Vino, an app that gives tips to the wine newbie on picking out a bottle based on personal taste preferences. Going dancing? Three apps that I found on iTunes include: Learn Hip Hop Dance, Pocket Salsa and Ballroom Competition Trainer. There are hundreds more where that came from.

Step 4: End of the night/the next day.

Taking things FAST.

Could this turn into a sleepover? Crazily enough, there is an app called Hotel Tonight that allows you to book last-minute rooms throughout Charlotte. The app categorizes hotels with descriptors like basic (Hampton Inn & Suites Concord), solid (Four Points By Sheraton Charlotte), charming (Morehead Inn) and more.

Taking things SLOW.

If you are taking things slow (aka normal pace, in my opinion!) then maybe the night ends with a kiss. If you truly enjoyed your date, why not follow up with an unexpected sweet gesture?

You could have flowers delivered through the BloomThat app, which offers next-day delivery, or try the Postgram app that allows you to turn photos from Facebook, Instagram and your camera roll into a customizable postcard. Stay away from one of the two of you, and instead share a moment that was a highlight of the evening (like a picture of the band in full swing, a snap of the wine you both enjoyed, or even something you both laughed at during the date).

Now it’s time to plan the next date!