5 of the Top Reasons to Shop Local

In a ShopSmart Magazine national survey, women were asked  about why they shop locally. Here’s the breakdown:

Fun to browse: 40%
To support small-business owners: 34%
Customer Service: 29%
Location: 27%
Unique or specialty items: 25%

I would say my top three reasons for shopping local is to support small-business owners (some of which have become dear friends), unique or specialty items (my clients appreciate that and I like giving these types of gifts) and customer service (some of the owners/managers/staff are the sweetest). 
Here are some reasons to visit your local mom & pop shop today!

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Guess who’s one of the Carolinas Most Stylish?

When the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Carolina Style reaches out to you, you immediately become giddy! I mean, she represents all things stylish, fun and fashionable so it has to be something good, right? Well, talk about blow my mind! Bridgette West, friend, mom of twins, consummate wife, blogger (check out her newly penned blog here, it’s a must-read) shared with me that I was selected as one of Carolinas Most Stylish. I was like “I don’t feel stylish” (LOL) but then I remembered what Carolinas Most Stylish is all about…definitely more than meets the eye. 

The Carolinas Most Stylish [...]

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Dishing on Tiki Hideaway Restaurant

Owner Mike Barrea is passionate about tiki life and it shows with his new venture, Tiki Hideaway restaurant. His spirited stories of Trader Vic’s and their legacy, other Tiki restaurant openings across the country and movers and shakers in the industry really make you want to don a grass skirt and sip a Mai Tai in one of the corner tables of his place.
Speaking of his stories, they come to life in his restaurant, which is tucked away in ParkTowne Shopping Center (previous restaurant was Hef’s Bar and Grill). You are greeted with tiki masks, Polysesian artifacts and [...]

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My Weekend & Ways to Upgrade Your Gift Certificate

Happy Tuesday! Let me tell you I am dragging this morning. I am literally trying to let me cheery demeanor overtake my sleepiness. Results on that later. LOL. Well, at least my long weekend was worthy of a little slow take on a Tuesday (no turn up for me)-

I eased into the weekend with work. Yup, this girl has a “when her eyes open until her eyes close” type of job(s). Not bragging or complaining, it is what it is. I had a cool idea to expand my HoneeBee Gifts business and did research on what that could look [...]

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