The Spotlight: Charlotte Plastic Surgery

charlotte plastic surgery  logo - 175x175Never really thought much about plastic surgery until watching Bravo’s Real Housewives series –those gals made it their business to botox, lift and rejuvenate all their bits and pieces.  Now that it was on my radar when I received an invite to check out Charlotte Plastic Surgery (CPS) for Carolina Style Magazine I was interested. Plus what really intrigued me was the promise of a skin consultation—one of my 2014 personal goals is to focus on maintaining healthy skin so I was all in. During the session we met 3 [...]

The Spotlight: Tupelo Honey Cafe + Review

A few blogger friends (thanks for the invite CM Writer of Your Boyfriend’s Best Girlfriend blog) got together on Friday to check out Tupelo Honey Cafe located in South End. Before the restaurant’s arrival in Charlotte (they opened in December) there was much buzz about the venue. People had tried out the Asheville location and from what I gathered there was a cult following….lines out the door and people waiting for hours. I can see why! From beginning to end the food was impressive. See all my food pictures here. We all ordered different appetizers and entrees so [...]

The Spotlight: Bistro La Bon

Bistro La Bon logoHave you guys tried out Bistro La Bon yet? This restaurant is a little known gem in Plaza Midwood. You may bypass it due to it’s location in the middle of a strip mall but you would be missing out, friend! Being the  equal opportunity eater that I am…I love to try dives that you slip into when the mood strikes as well as reservations needed well in advance watering holes. Let’s just say, Bistro La Bon is somewhere in between.

My first experience with the establishment was [...]

The Power of Mother-Daughter Shopping at Any Age

I distinctly remember a shopping trip with my Mom where she told me “When I shop with you I can’t get out the store without spending at least $100″ where I just smiled and said “Who me”? Honestly, what do you say to that?! This was long before the HoneeBee Gifts blog but I guess you can say shopping was always in my blood!

WSJ picture2A recent article in the Wall Street Journal delves into the topic of mother-daughter shopping,  highlighting the overall love of this age old ritual, the role [...]

Gift Tip #122: Creamed. Gourmet Body Treats

Creamed. Gourmet Body Treats are handcrafted all natural soaps made in South Carolina. It’s local, y’all! I had the chance to try out their products–which not only smell amazing–left my skin feeling immediately moisturized. The soaps are free of artificial colorants  and fragrance oils and use more natural ingredients such as avocado oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, mango butter, pure essential oils.

Owner Amber L. Matthews suffered from eczema as a child and through her skin journey created Creamed. as a way for her to combat her dry skin. Matthews shared “I learned about all natural and fell [...]