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    Gift Tip #123: Dogeared “Accomplish Magnificent Things” Starburst Necklace

Gift Tip #123: Dogeared “Accomplish Magnificent Things” Starburst Necklace

We all know (or maybe we are) that high achiever! The “Accomplish Magnificent Things” Starburst Necklace is perfect necklace for the positive thinker, goal oriented girl…you know the one that always had her hand raised answering all the teacher’s questions or is president of the young professional volunteer board of your favorite nonprofit or maybe even training for her first marathon.

This classic piece of jewelry is a reminder to stay positive no matter what life throws your way. And you know we’ve all had some doozies! Basically, if you’re ever in doubt about how much you’ve accomplished thus far, look [...]

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Gift Tip of Inspiration

I came across a few beautiful quotes…thought I’d share! Which is your favorite?



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Out the Box: Jolie Ankrom

Out the Box is a series on HoneeBee Gifts that focuses on community notables and creatives who share a bit about their gifting life…and a little more. I am excited to share this feature with you and I hope you enjoy this up and personal look at gifting. It’s kind of like peeking into someone’s closet…but much more fun!

The Gift:  Jolie Ankrom

Through Instagram, I found Jolie, Founder and Designer at Brim Papery and fell in love with her paper goods company. She creates simple thank you cards, prints that feature fun sayings like “You are one boss bitch” (sometimes [...]

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Shopping Stats: In-Store vs. Online

On a recent Wall Street Journal read, I saw an interesting piece called “In-Store vs. Online: Not quite the battle you might think”. The statistics shared were interesting and I have shared a few on my Instagram but wanted to do a bit more in-depth piece here.

The study was done by Shop Visible and in conjunction with ICSC in some way. I noted their logo was included along with many infographics explaining  average number of purchases, time spent in stores and more of consumers. ICSC is the International Council of Shopping Centers.

I’ve always preferred stepping inside the store for [...]

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